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Euphoria currently ranks 2 out of 5 stars!

NYE 2016 - Hollywood Nights

We have gone to several Euphoria events and they have all been top notch. But New Years Eve 2016 set the bar. The staff was very welcoming and worked very hard to make sure everyone had a fun and safe time. The entertainment was unforgettable and DJ GammaRay kept the dance floor jumping all night long. We met so many great people. Not only does Euphoria put on events, but they have built a great community for people in the lifestyle in NW Ohio and surrounding areas. If you have not been to an event ... what are you waiting for?! Date Posted: 01/05/17

NYE 2016/2017

Everything and everyone looked great. Looks like everyone had a great time as well. You guy's do a great job putting on great events. Date Posted: 01/05/17

Friendly group

From the time we entered the hotel until the time we left we felt welcomed with open arms. Being newer to the lifestyle we don't know many people yet. We met several new friends and had a great evening. I wish we could attend parties like this more often. Dee and Ray along with the rest of the Euphoria staff put in a lot of long hours to not only make this event spectacular but also cleaning up the mess parties leave when they are done. I highly recommend Club Euphoria for any events. Date Posted: 01/04/17


Best NYE party, the best hosts I've ever seen, the most inviting people I've ever met! Date Posted: 01/04/17

Best New Years Eve I've ever had!

What a great time! I'm so glad our first swingers club experience was with club Euphoria. We both had such a great time and did so many fun things. We felt comfortable, the hotel staff was great, club Euphoria people were so helpful and friendly, and everyone attending were nice and courteous with us. Thank you so much, I'm so glad I found you in here. We will be attending other events for sure. Date Posted: 01/01/17

Rocking your world

First and foremost, this is more then just a lifestyle club. Are the parties out of this world? Yes. Is it clean? Yes. Is it secure (aka no uninvited gawkers, no pictures allowed inside)? Yes. Are the drink prices affordable? Yes. But more so then all of that, this is a group that will truly welcome you and accept you as you are. From the very first time you go, you are part of a very special group. There are always new themes and decorations. And I don't mean go to the dollar store and hang 3 pics on the wall. You are fully immersed in the theme of the party. From the entry way to the playrooms. Super kewl lit up large dance floor, 2 stripper poles, 3 play rooms, DJ (plays everything from 80's to now), snacks and a comfortable environment. Once you go Euphoria, you'll be hooked. Date Posted: 03/21/16

Burlesque party at The Bunker

We attended the Burlesque party at The Bunker on March 19th. This was not our first Euphoria party....we keep coming back for more! This was definitely one of the best parties so far we have attended, although all of their parties are amazing and just keep getting better and better. Euphoria is a great group of friendly and sexy people. De and Ray always make everyone (new and old) feel welcome. As others have already said, their hard work and dedication to make these parties amazing goes above and beyond and definitely unnoticed! We cannot wait for the next party! Date Posted: 03/21/16

Burlesque Party

Fantastic... Beautiful.... Fun...Epic...Friendly....and sooo Sexy! Can't say more about the group and the people!! Date Posted: 03/21/16

New Years Eve party Was out of this WORLD

This was our first full Hotel party where we got a room & it WAS EPIC. They did a Black & White masquerade ball & everyone was DRESSED to the 10's screw the 9's LOL. After midnight was the lingerie party & WOW yes WOW need we say more LOL. The lay out was just perfect great Dace floor with a AWESOME DJ ( SEXY Ray ;) ) Food layout was perfect & delicious. The Euphoria Lounge was separate from the dance area for a little more intimate setting then the play area was right behind that & was super SENSUAL if you really wanted to heat things up with lots of props for exciting times. There was also the Cleveland Kink shop putting on demonstrations down stairs & in there suite after. What more could you ask for? THIS PARTY WAS PERFECT in every way. How could you ever go back to Vanilla parties after experiencing a EPIC party like this. Do not hesitate coming to the next get together you will not be disappointed. We wish we would have met this group years ago. Euphoria is not only a lifestyle group its truly a family. De & Ray go out of there way to make sure everyone is comfortable & educated in the lifestyle. We have been in the Lifestyle for about 8 years using other means of trying to find people & just about gave up. It was so hard and so tiring trying to meet people & getting stood up over half the time. Then we were introduced into Euphoria & have met so many AWESOME people. Now we have more Friends & dates then we could have ever imagined & that is JUST AWESOME. If your looking for a Down to earth NO DRAMA, friendly, exciting and most of all SEXY Group to join & hang out with, then look no further - This is it. Stop looking and Join, it will be the best decision you have ever made. Thank you De, Ray & the Whole Staff of Euphoria for making the lifestyle more then just that, Making it Family is a understatement You all ROCK & we are very happy we have met you all. Date Posted: 01/05/16


We have been to many parties and have enjoyed them all. This group is every friendly and fun and always have a great time. Date Posted: 10/11/15

Why five stars-

Why five stars? Because there aren't ten. What a fun loving couple that knows how to have wild yet tasteful secure fun. These adult parties are everything you could want in a night out and couldn't find......before now-! The people in this group are sexy, friendly and fun! Date Posted: 10/11/15

You really need to attend one of their events!!

I've been to several parties and takeovers around the motor city area and and I have to say that the Euphoria parties are hands down one of my favorites. Zero pressure, great hosts, rockin music and the people who attend are absolutely awesome. The way they decorate their parties is fabulous and I hate missing even a single one. If you have an opportunity to attend one, you will definitely feel welcome. Date Posted: 10/11/15

Euphoria just gets better and better!

De & Ray continue to outdo themselves every time I attend a Euphoria party! I really enjoy the approach they have to make the experience a more personal one instead of just feeling like a stranger. I was welcomed with open arms from day 1! If you haven't been to a Euphoria pay yet, make it your next. You won't regret it. Date Posted: 10/11/15

Blackout At the Bunker

We attended the Blackout at the Bunker Party on June 27. The hall was nicely decorated, plenty of places to sit - including couches and tables, a small elevated dance floor set in a very large dance floor, a stripper pole, drink prices were very reasonable, place was clean and bathrooms were too! However, it was the hosts that set the tone for the party. Both De and Ray go out of their way to make folks feel welcome and included. The rest of the group that was there was for the most part welcoming as well. Ages ranged from what looked like early 20's up to late 50's, with everyone mingling well. Music was club music and the volume was loud but it wasn't so loud you couldn't talk. There was a sectioned off part of the hall that was quieter. It was a great party at a reasonable price and we will go back. Date Posted: 06/28/15

Blackout at the Bunker

This was a fantastic event and well worth the drive from Detroit area. The hosts put a lot of effort into the party and it showed. I've been to quite a few parties and this was definitely at the top of my list of favorites. The people of Euphoria are sexy, respectful and just great people in general. I would highly recommend attending one of their parties in the future, I know I will be Date Posted: 06/28/15


Love the site Date Posted: 06/28/15

glow party

Had a great time. We are looking forward to getting to know everybody. Very friendly people. Date Posted: 06/28/15


Least drama, best time, kick ass party! Venue was great, large awesome dance area! All the sexy ass members attending... Wow is all I can say!! Can't wait till next month! Date Posted: 06/28/15

Fantastic Party

Wow what an amazing group of people ! Every party this group throws all are guaranteed to have a blast ! There was an amazing setup, friendly group of people, no clicks, clean facilities, and most of all the music had everyone up dancing on the lighted dance stage and stripper pole. Can't wait to attend the next one ! Great job ! Date Posted: 06/28/15

Awesomesauce with a kick!!

If you're looking for the best, well you've found it right here! Once you experience a Euphoria party you will be hooked! The people are classy, sassy and sexy as hell! Never have we felt more welcomed into a group of real down to earth friends as we have with this group. Their parties are so easy going and a blast to attend. The music will get you moving, the venues make you comfortable, staff is always friendly and drink prices are not outrageous. Looking forward to many, many future adventures with Club Euphoria! ;)~ Date Posted: 06/28/15

Euphoria group & events

I wanna say that ever since we joined the group, we have met so many wonderful people and De and Ray really work hard to make everyone happy and succeed at it! Love how the fb group is so classy and clean. The parties are off the hook! Better and better every time! Thank you De and Ray! Can't wait til next one! Date Posted: 06/28/15


As always, they go above and beyond putting these parties together. Their hard work and dedication goes without saying. If you have not been, I highly suggest attending one of their parties. Always fun!!!! Date Posted: 06/28/15
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